Wrought iron doors on Spanish-style homes.

Entrusting not only the outward appearance, but the structural integrity and the security of your business to someone can be frightening. When it comes to making decisions regarding your business or commercial space, you want to know you’ve chosen the best of the best to complete the task at hand. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a company for your commercial door installations:


Your commercial door installer should know what they’re doing and have the experience to back that knowledge up. You want a company that has proven that they can offer the same high-quality end result over and over again.

With over 100,000 door installations under our belt, Scardino Doors has the experience to do the job right. We have installed doors of all types and security levels in condominiums, apartment complexes, office buildings, factories, schools, and even government properties.

Access Control

One commercial space can have a variety of security needs and not all areas within it should be accessible to everyone. Make sure the company you choose for your door installation has the correct skills and qualifications to install the necessary security measures.

Scardino Doors installs most access control hardware and devices, including magnetic locks, mag card readers, key fob readers, biometric entry systems, laser sensors, and motion detectors.


Make sure the company you choose can adapt to changes. Houses can settle, wood can swell and shrink—there are plenty of things that can alter measurements. Choose a company that can think on their feet and meet challenges as they arise.

Scardino Doors can alter openings if they are not correct on the day of installation regardless of the type of framing— 2x wood stud framing and metal stud framing.


The company you choose could make a beautiful door, but a door needs hardware that is just as functional and attractive as it is. Make sure you have a variety of quality options before making your final decision.

Scardino Doors can install virtually any commercial hardware along with things like exit devices, fire code exit devices, closers, and a variety of locks. Not to mention, we consult with you every step of the way.

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