Custom wrought iron entry doors. Adorning the grandest homes for centuries.

For hundreds of years, wrought iron has been one of the most desirable materials for custom front doors. The latest metal foundry technology has made it easier and more affordable to adorn your home with the same timeless quality of workmanship. Additionally, today’s artisans create sleek new designs that make the look of wrought iron doors as modern as tomorrow.

Scardino Doors offers a wide variety of styles, from Old World flair to New World simplicity, and your choice of six durable finishes. Each design features hinged glass panels that swing open to allow for easy cleaning or to let in fresh air. For your security, each door is fitted with multiple lock points.

We offer four distinct styles of custom wrought iron exterior doors. All are masterpieces of beauty, elegance, and strength.

  • European Wrought Iron Doors: The European collection is inspired by the ornate wrought iron doors found across Europe. The intricate design of each door creates an elegant and enduring look for your home – perfect for anyone who values timeless quality.
  • American Wrought Iron Doors: Our American wrought iron doors, like all of our wrought iron collections, are expertly crafted and designed to last a lifetime. This collection features timeless, clean lines and is the most popular style for traditional homes.
  • Modern Art Wrought Iron Doors: For those desiring wrought iron doors with a sleek and contemporary look, the Modern Art wrought iron door collection provides it. The result is simply stunning.
  • Asian Wrought Iron Doors: Our Asian collection is based on timeless designs from the East, which are admired worldwide. These designs are especially reminiscent of those found in the Hunan and Szechuan provinces of China, as well as Shanghai.

We’ll make your experience as smooth as possible from beginning to end.

Installation and delivery are part of our process. You have peace of mind knowing that our company is certified by AAMA for professional installation, ensuring that your home will be well sealed and energy-efficient.

Our Design Process

Scardino Doors offers a proven process to help our customers design their ideal wrought iron or custom door. By walking through this process with our design team, you can be certain the finished product fits your home’s style and your design ideas for your space. Here’s how the process works:

Step 1

Scardino Doors will consult with you by phone to learn what you are looking for. We will then schedule an in-person visit for measurements and more photos.

Step 2

Next, you choose your design. Everything from color to material to pattern is in your hands. We even allow you to choose the handle hardware for your door.

Step 3

After you make your design choices, we prepare a CAD drawing of the door using the latest technology to show it from all angles. We will confirm that the door is what you’re looking for and will fit your space.

Step 4

Now we are ready to craft your door. Our craftsmen are specialists in wrought iron, and we will create a door that will last.

Step 5

Our certified installation technicians use AAMA proven techniques to properly and effectively install your door.

Read more about our process, or request a quote online for your new wrought iron doors.

Wrought Iron Door FAQs

Here are some common questions about wrought iron doors.

Do wrought iron doors require maintenance?

Wrought iron doors are not maintenance-free. They require occasional cleaning to prevent rust.

What is wrought iron?

Wrought iron is iron that has been forged and rolled, rather than casted. This process allows it to be malleable so designers can bend it into the shape they want. It does not break when under extreme pressure, so it works well for doors.

What is the difference between wrought iron and steel?

Steel and wrought iron are not the same thing. Steel is made from iron and carbon, while iron is a naturally occurring element. Steel is made from iron, and it’s stronger.

How can I clean a wrought iron door?

To clean your wrought iron door, you’ll want to use a vegetable-based soap, like Castile. Gentle soaps won’t wear down your door in the cleaning process.

How much do iron doors cost?

The cost of wrought iron doors will depend on the size and design complexity. Reach out to Scardino Doors for a custom quote.

Start Your Custom Design Contact us for a free quote, or call 404.806.9588 to speak to one of our experienced wrought iron door designers. Together, we’ll turn your front door into a work of art.