Your home makes its architectural first impression with the front entry area. Scardino Doors designs, manufactures, and installs custom wrought iron doors for the South’s most beautiful homes.

Scardino Doors was started by Tom Scardino in 2005 after he helped start up a national installation business serving 300 Home Depot stores in Georgia, California and New Jersey. Our client list includes professional athletes, CEOs, architects, designers, home builders, and homeowners throughout the South who are looking for a striking and design-forward option for their homes.

Custom Designs

We work with you closely to ensure you enhance the curb appeal of your home. You choose everything from door type and faux-finish color to glass texture, door handles, hardware and accessories. We offer a myriad of designs to completely customize the doors to your style. Our collections of wrought iron designs include European, Modern Art, and American doors, but you can take one of these root designs and customize it to any application.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Door Showroom in Atlanta

You will receive a CAD drawing of every custom door and window for your approval, so you will know exactly what to expect after fabrication. Following your deposit, we can also offer Photoshop services, to show you approximately how your new door will look on an existing home or business.

Visit our Atlanta show room to find inspiration and begin the design process for your ornamental wrought iron or custom wood door today.

Commercial Doors

In addition to creating residential custom doors, we also furnish and install commercial doors in Atlanta and surrounding states. We install commercial doors for schools, offices, hospitals, and convention halls. We furnish doors for warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores. All commercial doors require our installation for full warranty protection.

Modern Steel Doors and Windows

Featuring more contemporary designs, our sister company, The French Steel Company, manufactures elegant steel products with industrial strength but a vintage mid-century appearance. Using steel, The French Steel Company creates large architectural entryways and windows with low edge profiles and spacious glass, opening up any room with an airy, minimalist feel. These architectural doors and windows feature clean lines and superior finishes, with sleek handle hardware to complete a modern fit and finish. In addition, they are rigorously laboratory tested to meet AAMA and NAMI national standards, as well as the Florida Building Code.

Professional Installation

All of our doors and windows are installed using AAMA certified techniques. Once your custom wood or wrought iron door is crafted, we will professionally execute the installation. Our installers will ensure that our doors, gates and windows open, swing and close to meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards.

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