A commercial door and its hardware affect the way a business functions more than most people realize.
Commercial door hardware consists primarily of the different types of locks that are available, as well as safety mechanisms and access control devices.

Learn more about the different types of commercial door hardware offered by Scardino Doors to see which may fit the needs of your business.

Mechanical Locks

Brushed Finish Lock & Lever for Commercial Door
Mechanical locks vary in the level of security they offer based on a business’s needs. Different types of mechanical locks include:

  • Mortise locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Cylindrical locks
  • Interconnect locks
  • Interchangeable core locks

Your architect or construction manager can provide us with construction plans, and we can work with those to provide the appropriate type of mechanical lock for your property.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks work without the need for a traditional, physical key, and they’re a great choice for people who want the ability to open an interior or exterior door remotely. Different types of electronic locks include:

  • Keypad mortise
  • Electrified mortise
  • Electrified hardware
  • Keypad cylindrical
  • Electrified cylindrical

Exit Devices

An exit device is sometimes known as a panic device or a crash bar. Exit devices unlock a door from the inside with minimal force for emergency applications. Scardino Doors sells and installs exit devices, which meet the appropriate building codes based on safety regulations and construction plans.

Access Control Devices

Access control devices are a more sophisticated type of electronic lock. Types of access control devices include:

  • RFID mortise locks
  • RFID cylindrical locks
  • Biometric locks

Scardino Doors performs professional installations and setups of access control devices such as RFID cards or keyfobs, which transmit data via radiofrequency to unlock a door.

Access control systems offer sophisticated security, low maintenance costs, and convenient management of who has access to a building.

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