Even closed, these doors give you a wide-open feeling.

Engineered for strength, the all-steel frames are thin yet sturdy enough to hold large expanses of insulated glass. The clean, elegant sight lines provide unsurpassed views. Architects feel liberated by the options available with steel front doors: Their designs aren’t limited to standard sizes. If you decide on an oversized door, Scardino Doors will bring your architect’s design to life. In fact, we can create a residential steel and glass door of virtually any size. And everything — steel doors, frames, glass, even door jambs — is custom built to your precise specifications.

In addition to custom sizes, our residential steel door collection offers a variety of opening options. Your custom doors can be installed to swing in or out, from the left or right, or from the center. The ball-bearing barrel hinges are welded into the door panel and the jamb, adding sleekness to the overall design and operation.

You’ll also choose various glass options: patterns such as rain, frosted, or German antique; tempered and laminated for safety or sound suppression; and different levels of low-E coatings for UV filtration and clarity. All the steel frame components are permanently protected with a special hot zinc anti-rust coating. Multiple lock points ensure peace of mind.

Add a whole new dimension to your home with French Steel windows.

You’ll enjoy a spacious, airy feeling in every room. The large panes of insulated glass held by thin, strong all-steel frames provide a seemingly uninterrupted view of the outdoors. You’ll enhance the sleek, modern personality of your home and increase its energy efficiency.

We’ll make your experience as smooth as possible, from beginning through completion.

Installation and delivery are part of our process. You have peace of mind knowing that our company is certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association for professional installation, ensuring that your home will be well sealed and energy-efficient.

Custom French Steel Door Installations in Atlanta, GA

Once you have decided to install a gorgeous, custom French steel door, simply contact our team at Scardino Doors to get the design process started. Our team will come to your home to evaluate the area where it will be installed. We will take photos, record the dimensions of the rough opening, and present you with a variety of design ideas and options.

Once you have selected your custom French steel door style, finish, glass, and hardware options, we will create a CAD drawing to finalize the design, and our talented team will get to work building your new door. After your handcrafted door is complete, we will professionally install it, ensuring it is hung level and plumb, insulated properly, and that all hardware works effectively.

To schedule a consultation for a French Steel door installation, call 404.806.9588 or contact us online. Get Your Quote Today! Contact us for a free quote or call 404.806.9588 to speak to one of our experienced French Steel Doors™ designers. Make your doors a work of art.

French Steel Door FAQs

What finishes are French steel doors available in?

We offer a variety of custom faux finishes, such as Dark Pewter, Antique Copper, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze, as well as standard matte black.

What is the warranty on your finishes?

Our matte black finish offers warranties from one to ten years, while our faux finishes feature a one-year warranty.

Will French steel doors rust?

Before the finish is applied, we add a durable sprayed zinc coating that prevents rust, plus a clear coat is added over the final finish to further protect the door from corrosion and damage.

What glass options do you offer for your doors?

Our French steel doors are available with textured or frosted glass for privacy, low-E glass for reduced UV infiltration and higher efficiency, tempered glass for safety, and more.

Why are French steel doors unique?

Every door is custom-designed and handcrafted to meet your needs, using only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Plus, every door is professionally installed by our friendly, experienced team for reliable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient results.

Do you have more questions about our custom French steel doors? Reach out to us at 855-917-1833 or contact us online to speak with our experts at Scardino Doors today!