Access Control is a commercial door security technique that limits access to locations in your business based on credentials or positive identification.

Although most commonly used for entire buildings or office suites, access control can also be used to restrict access to specific parts of a building or office environment such as a server room or a hospital storage room for medicine.

Access Control’s primary advantage over mechanical locks is security. The Scardino Doors team expertly installs commercial doors and hardware, and we source skilled crews with experience installing Access Control systems.

RFID Access Control Devices

A common type of access control device is Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) cards or key fobs. These devices store unique identifiers as data, and they are made to be scanned by an RFID reader. Upon being scanned, the card or key fob transmits a radio wave with the data for entry.

If the unique identifier is approved for access, the RFID reader sends an electronic signal to unlock the door.

Biometric Access Control Devices

For government agencies or businesses that require a higher level of authentication, biometric access control devices are available for thumb-print validation or retinal scans.

Biometrics involve registering something unique to a person’s body as their set of access credentials. These credentials are usually a person’s thumbprint, hand pattern, or iris pattern. A biometric scanner reads the set of credentials and grants or denies access accordingly.

Biometrics are considered one of the highest levels of security available because they are not subject to being lost or forged.

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Access Control is a convenient way to securely manage access to your business or facility.

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