SCARDINO DOORS LLC no longer offers repainting services for wrought iron doors. However, we know of several excellent service providers around the South.

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Types of Hardware We Service

Our full-service wrought-iron door company can easily transform any of your door’s hardware components to like-new status in no time. We proudly service the following hardware on wrought-iron doors throughout the southern U.S.:

  • Door Handles
  • Locks
  • Door Surfaces
  • Door Trim
  • Door Stops

At Scardino Doors, we thoroughly inspect each element of your wrought-iron door to ensure it meets your precise expectations.

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Why Choose Scardino Doors?

Scardino Doors has provided the top-quality wrought-iron door solutions that Southern families need for 15 years. Our client list features professional athletes, CEOs, architects, home builders, designers, and homeowners seeking a stunning design solution for their homes. We take pride in listening carefully to each client’s individual needs, providing a custom solution for all their wrought-iron door needs.

From glass texture and door handles to hardware and accessories, our customers choose every element that goes into their wrought-iron door design. Whether you’re looking for an entirely new door or have one that needs repair or restoration, Scardino Doors has the products and services you need all under one roof!

Restoration & Repair FAQs

How do you maintain a wrought-iron door?
Like all aspects of your home, your wrought-iron door requires routine maintenance to remain in the best condition possible. Simply clean your door using a mild cleanser and non-abrasive, lint-free cloth. You can create your own cleaning mixture by combining liquid castile or vegetable-based soap with water. This will easily eliminate any signs of rust that appear on your door.

Do wrought-iron doors rust?
Yes — when left without maintenance or the restoration services they need, wrought-iron doors can begin to rust. This decreases your door’s durability, aesthetic, and overall quality. Be sure to prevent against rusting by adhering to routine maintenance and scheduling restoration or repair services when you need them.

Can wrought iron be repaired?
While wrought-iron doors are among the most durable solutions available, they can still break and suffer severe damage. However, a skilled professional can quickly and easily repair the door back to like-new status with the proper tools and equipment.

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Scardino Doors for Your Wrought-Iron Restoration & Repair

At Scardino Doors, we are dedicated to providing Southern families with the highest-quality restoration and repair services possible for their wrought-iron doors. No matter what has caused your door damage, our team has the skills and expertise necessary to resolve the problem in no time.

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