Whether you want a swimming pool enclosure, an ornate entrance to your property, or fencing for your formal garden, wrought iron gates bring elegance, sturdiness, and beauty to your property. Choose wrought iron gates for:

Customizable Designs

Wrought iron is one of the only fence materials with almost unlimited design possibilities. You can choose to include swirls for more elegance, opt for a more modern square overlay design, or add a business logo or family crest.

A Great First Impression

Whether you want your gate to reflect the luxury of a mansion or the chic aesthetic of a modern home, your gate serves as the first impression your business or home makes to visitors.

You can use the opportunity to communicate the value your business offers to potential partners or show off the beauty of your home to passersby.

A Functional Work of Art

The elegance and craftsmanship on display in a wrought iron gate are unparalleled. Especially when your design is customized to your home or business, there’s no doubt that an artist created the gate especially for you, which adds charm, beauty, and value to your property.

Environmental Friendliness

Unlike wood or vinyl fencing, wrought iron is sustainable because it lasts a long time and can be recycled when you need to replace it.

Simple Restoration

Wrought iron gates are extremely durable, but they may still suffer severe damage.

A professional can restore your wrought iron gates so you can sustain the classic appearance of your gate easily over time if needed.

Enhanced Security

Wrought iron gates are tall and not easily climbed without serious injuries. With the right design, they provide a significant boost to security.

Rust Resistance

Wrought iron is an alloy, making it less likely to rust than regular iron.

However, you need to ensure your wrought iron gate is well-maintained to ensure durability.


Wrought iron cannot be bent or dented as easily as vinyl and wood can.

Installing a wrought iron fence in front of your business or home means that you will have a long-lasting fence that you can enjoy for years to come.

Easy Repair

If a portion of your wrought iron gate needs work, a professional can make the necessary repairs, and the new section will blend in more easily than replacement sections on a wood fence.

Increased Property Value

Since wrought iron gates offer a unique and classic look, they always increase a property’s value in modern and antique styles

Choose Premier Wrought Iron Gates for Your Home or Business

Scardino Doors offers unique, high-class designs for wrought iron gates to businesses and homes throughout the southeast.

With our customer-focused approach, we can uniquely meet the needs and goals of businesses and homeowners through customized solutions. Our team is ready to create a design that provides you or your business with undeniable curb appeal.