Ornamental wrought iron doors are a beautiful addition to a home, but require proper maintenance and care. Over time, the elements and every day wear and tear can cause sun damage, chips, and structural weakness which affect your door’s attractiveness as well as its durability.

Don’t let your door’s appearance become faded, and most importantly, don’t neglect damage to your door’s surface. There is more at stake than the smoothness of the metal. Physical damage can weaken the wrought iron.

At Scardino Doors, we have a team of custom ornamental wrought iron door experts who can refinish and resurface your door so it is just as beautiful and strong as the day it was installed.

Our refinishing process applies multiple paint finish layers, which restore your door’s appearance. Our resurfacing process uses a binding agent (when needed), which repairs your wrought iron. We can also replace ornamental door hardware and weather seals that experiencing failure or has been damaged. This includes hinges, handles, locks, weather stripping, and knobs.

Read testimonials from satisfied customers, and check out our Before & After gallery of ornamental door restoration and repair projects, which we’ve performed!